If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

  1. How does Amazon FBA work?
  2. What is Amazon FBA private label?
  3. How do I find a profitable product to sell on Amazon?
  4. How do I start selling on Amazon?
  5. How can I grow my Amazon FBA business?
  6. How do I find someone to manage my Amazon FBA business?

Sellers Throne is a full service consulting company to Amazon private label sellers. Whether you’re a brick and mortar business looking to sell on Amazon, a private label business already selling on Amazon, or an entrepreneur curious about the Amazon FBA private label model, we can help you.

About Our Founder

Sellers Throne founder, Tommy Beringer started as a one-person e-commerce operation. After doing intense product research on Amazon he finally picked a product and launched it. He grew that product to over $60,000 in sales within the first 30 days of launch and it became an Amazon bestseller in its category after only 2 weeks.

His Amazon FBA private label journey was underway and there was no looking back. He saw how great of an opportunity this was and wanted to help others achieve the same successful goals. After being the guinea pig for his future clients and finding out what works and what doesn’t work when selling on Amazon he started Sellers Throne.

We have an ever growing organization of Amazon FBA experts. We truly enjoy helping others achieve their Amazon business goals. As Tommy always says, “If our clients don’t win then we don’t win!”